Monday, January 9, 2012



Another crazy English word.

It means so many things. Maybe too many things.

This time of year we mostly hear it when people talk about "New Year's Resolutions."

People ask you if you've made some and they talk them on talk shows on tv and in magazines.

They are things you want to do, right?

Yes and no.

A resolution is a kind of decision.

If you resolve to do something, you decide to do something. The feeling is that this decision comes from way down deep inside of yourself. It is a deep, strong feeling like an underground river that finally comes rushing to the surface in a gushing spring.

Wow! Change!

A resolution is also a solution to something.

We talk about things coming to resolution. That means they come to an ending... usually an ending that is somewhat final and solves the problem in some way.

Maybe your friend has a problem with a neighbor. The neighbor makes all kinds of trouble for your friend. You ask your friend, "Did you ever get a resolution to that problem with your neighbor?" Your friend smiles. "Sure," your friend answers, "They moved away."

Okay, maybe not the ending you expected or the perfect ending or solution but the problem was resolved, right? No more neighbor troubles! (Unless the new neighbor is worse! ;-)

So thinking about all this, what we can figure out about native English speakers think and feel, deep down inside, when they use the word "resolution"?

A decision coming from deep down inside.
A big problem that finally has a solution or ending.

Can you see the connection?

We have a problem of some kind. A big problem. We have a lot of emotion about the problem. We have some pain. We need a solution.

We have ideas that might solve the problem. We choose an idea.

We have deep feeling about the idea. We have deep desire for a solution.

We make the choice to try to solve the problem.

We hope our deep feeling, our decision, and our ACTIONS will help us find resolution to our problems.

This is what native speakers feel and think when they use the word "resolution."

Maybe not consciously but deep down inside that is what is going on inside the native speaker brain.

How about your brain?

More importantly, how about your heart?

What kinds of problems are causing you pain?

Problems in your body, relationship, house, job, bank account, family? Do you have them?

Most of us do.

What kinds of things might solve those problems?

Notice I didn't ask you what might relieve the pain. TV shows, netflix, drugs, alcohol, sex, shopping - these things will take away your pain. At least for a while. But they won't solve the problem.

What can help solve the problem?

Combining deep feeling, deep desire... with ideas... and the DECISION to take action and solve the problem can help you find real relief, real resolution to some of your problems.

Can Eye On English help you with all that?

Of course not.

Eye On English can help you with the English part. And understanding US culture. And maybe a few other things here and there.

But something can help you, that's for sure.

There's always someone or something that can help you.

You just have to make up your mind about what you need and then look for help and support, keeping an open mind and heart about what shows up.

Resolve to do that.


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