Saturday, January 14, 2012


Another English word with a lot of meanings.

Revolution - quick, what do you think of?


People dying?

Good things?

Bad things?

I think of that, too.

I also think of a bicycle wheel.

Because that is also what revolution means. Sort of.

"Revolve" means go around in a circle.

(Green means verb, by the way. Green means go. Verbs are about action, doing things, going places. Or not. Stop! ;-)

A revolution is what happens when something goes completely around and makes a full circle.

Like when a bicycle or car wheel goes completely around in a circle.

You move forward, right?

Or maybe... you go back to where you started... because the idiom "full circle" means, in some way, you are back to where you started - the same, but kind of different.


You are eighteen years old. You are sitting at the kitchen table with your best friend. You are telling your best friend about your hopes and dreams. You want to travel. You want to go places. You want to see things and meet people and do something big.

Your best friend wants to stay home. Your best friend is in love. Your best friend wants to start a family. Buy a house. Make a good life.

You have dreams. Both of you.

Time goes by. You travel. You go places. You meet people. You do some things. Some of them a little big. But while you are doing one of those things, you have an accident. You break many bones. The doctors tell you might not walk the same way. And you need a long rest. You go back home.

Now you are sitting at your kitchen table with your best friend. You are talking about all the things you did. You are talking about what you want to do next. You want to stay home. You want to build a home. You want to make a home.

Your best friend understands. Your best friend's spouse died. Your best friend had an ending. Now your best friend needs a new beginning. Maybe leave. Maybe go somewhere new with no memories. Make new memories in a new place.

You both experienced change. You both want change. But you don't want the same change.

Things have come full circle. You are back where you started. You are sitting at the kitchen table, talking about your dreams, what you want, what you need. Things are the same.

Only different.

That is a revolution.

A change that changes some things but not everything because some things never change - including the fact that everything changes and that people will always feel sad about some changes and happy about others.

In a year, the earth makes a revolution around the sun.

In a year, you can make a revolution in your life.

What will it be?

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